Confidential. Sound 010: Tetrad

"I wanted to put together something that showcased some of my local and international friends and some of the personal dubs I’ve been playing and circulating. Since I played this mix entirely with vinyl dubplates, some of these are still unreleased, some have been released since I got them cut, but that’s how it goes. I felt it best to stick with the dubs because that best represented my aesthetic. I hope you enjoy!" -Tetrad

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Brukha & Tetrad - Signal (dubplate)

Watchmaker - Headringer (dubplate)

Tetrad - Impaler (dubplate)

Saule - S.90 (dubplate)

Akcept - Backlash (dubplate)

Brukha - Chernobyl (dubplate)

Oxossi - Cities of Salt (dubplate)

Tetrad - Heart of Soundsystem (Sure State)

Akcept & Sound Unknown - Shook (dubplate)

Oxossi - 6 Under (Silent Motion)

Tetrad - Almighty (dubplate)

Tetrad - Green Crack (dubplate)

Tetrad - Eazy Street (Cyclopian Version) (forthcoming Material Sound)

Brukha - Wires (dubplate)

Tetrad - Awaken Dub (forthcoming ZamZam Sounds)