Confidential. Sound 013: Aztek

Based in Sheffield (UK), Aztek is one of the main driving forces behind Canopus Records and has been making a lot of noise in the UK over the past few months. With his main focus on production at 140bpm, his dubstep and grime productions have not been going unnoticed. His mix is packed full of exclusive dubstep and grime dubs, this is not one to be slept on! To stay in the know, follow him here: SOUNDCLOUD | FACEBOOK | CANOPUS RECORDS SC | CANOPUS FB 


The Cosmos - Valley Dub 

Unknown Order - We Dubbin' 

Ickle - Accord 

Mr B - Heartrate Dub 

Daseplate - Stone Soup 

Aztek - Temple Ruins 

Chug - Silence 

Tyler C - Yang 

Namaste - Broadside 

Daseplate - Sneinton Mutton 

SleeperXThelemXMesck - Strawberry Cough (Aztek's Super Lemon Refix)

B:Thorough - Kamino Dart 

9TRANE - Midnight Request 9ine 

B:Thorough - Topper Top Remix [Instrumental] 

Sorrow - Brawler (MJK Refix) 

Jakebob - Baddaz VIP 

Commodo - Shift (Aztek Refix VIP) 

20-4 SNM - (Nakes Remix)

Top Dolla - Flexin'

?? - Topper Top X Norman Bates

Daseplate - Tried By None

Luciferian - Finger Hash 

Muhla - Akame

Nakes - Concerto

Jakebob - Can't Lie VIP

Treble Clef - Trumpet Boom (Aztek Refix) ft. Capo Lee

Aztek - Traveller (The Cosmos Remix)

RUFUS! - Organic

Lucifer - The Silence Of The Darkness

Confidential. Sound 012: Cord

For this edition of the Confidential. Sound, we feature the sounds of Cory Becenti, better known as CORD. Over the years CORD has emerged to become an integral part of the Denver dubstep community. His weekly shows on Subtle FM showcase his own original material as well as tunes from artists from across the globe. Turn your systems up and let CORD take you on a journey through sound! To stay in the know, follow him here: SOUNDCLOUD | FACEBOOK


Ulmo - Blue 9
Persona - Planetary Elements
Myxed Up - Time Travel
Commodo - Wish
Kahn - Way Mi Defend (Sound Unknown Version)
Sleeper - Ask Yourself
6Blocc & Wulf - Drum Circle [DUB]
DubDiggerz - Fire
EshOne - Thorax Thursday [DUB]
Sectra - Wrestling With Flesh
Samba - Un
Malleus - From Dead (Headshot Riddem)
Arkwright - Choose Me
CORD - Midnight [DUB]
CORD - Dragon [DUB]
CORD - Fallout [DUB]
Mammuth - Switch [DUB]
Trisicloplox - In a Dark place Again
Yukona - re Connecting

Confidential. Sound 010: Tetrad

"I wanted to put together something that showcased some of my local and international friends and some of the personal dubs I’ve been playing and circulating. Since I played this mix entirely with vinyl dubplates, some of these are still unreleased, some have been released since I got them cut, but that’s how it goes. I felt it best to stick with the dubs because that best represented my aesthetic. I hope you enjoy!" -Tetrad

To stay in the know follow him here: SOUNDCLOUD | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM


Brukha & Tetrad - Signal (dubplate)

Watchmaker - Headringer (dubplate)

Tetrad - Impaler (dubplate)

Saule - S.90 (dubplate)

Akcept - Backlash (dubplate)

Brukha - Chernobyl (dubplate)

Oxossi - Cities of Salt (dubplate)

Tetrad - Heart of Soundsystem (Sure State)

Akcept & Sound Unknown - Shook (dubplate)

Oxossi - 6 Under (Silent Motion)

Tetrad - Almighty (dubplate)

Tetrad - Green Crack (dubplate)

Tetrad - Eazy Street (Cyclopian Version) (forthcoming Material Sound)

Brukha - Wires (dubplate)

Tetrad - Awaken Dub (forthcoming ZamZam Sounds)


Confidential. Sound 008: Bionica

Bianca Rosales, aka Bionica, is a Seattle based Bass Queen who’s known to mix and blend some of the weightiest tunes out there. Of course this mix is no exception so buckle up and get ready for Bionica to show you what she’s all about. To stay in the know, follow her on SoundCloud.


Horizon - Gutcha 

Zero - Sub Drifter 

Grunge - Proxima 

Primitive - Chewie & Dubtek 

The Addition - D-operation Drop 

Black Hole VIP - Konvex 

Flumen - D-operation Drop & Piezo 

Virus - Benton 

Forgive Me For My Style - Drew's Theory 

Penta - Baitface & Deafblind 

How Strange feat. Bijou - Truth 

Wake Up - Feonix 

Kronos - Nema 

Momentary feat. Ill Chill - Demon 

Intrepid - Leon Switch 

Lovin' You - Biome 

Confused - D-operation Drop 

Intern - Demon 

Awaken - Spec 

Blizzard - Kwizma 

Daaku - Amit 

Nazca feat. Violetness - Antiserum

Smoke One (With The Bassist) - Triage

Confidential. Sound 007: Berrik

Unique, thoughtful, and well rounded are all things that come to mind when listening to Denver based producer, Berrik’s, productions and this mix is no exception. Filled with originals as well as collaborations with some of The Mile High City’s finest, get ready for Berrik to take you on an emotional, bass fueled journey. To stay in the know, be sure to follow him here: SOUNDCLOUD|FACEBOOK


Berrik - Space Temple
Berrik - Jungle Jim
Berrik - Valley Fog
Berrik - Love Dub
Berrik - Abstention
Berrik - Hydrangea
Berrik - Kindling the Ember
Cetadon - Industrial Tension (VIP)
Mamuth - Switch
Being & Berrik - Direct Neural Interface
Being - Dick Head
Berrik - Khonsu
Berrik - Teotihuacan
Damru & Berrik - Don't U See

Confidential. Sound 006: JSM

Fueled by bassweight, JSM is a raw talent in the underground scene and a name you won’t want to forget. With releases on France based label ‘MILC’ as well as radio support from acts like B Traits, J:Kenzo, Plastician and more, JSM has already created a solid foundation for his music career. To stay in the know, follow him here: SOUNDCLOUD|FACEBOOK|TWITTER


JSM - King of Kings (Dub)
Perverse - IO (Infernal Sounds)
Las - Farout (Innamind)
Mikael - Shut (Innamind)
Akcept - Madman (Dub)
Sectra - Adhorren (Dub)
Dubbacle - Mazes (Dub)
Bisweed - Screaming Target (Dub)
Ago - So Mi Seh (Innamind)
Wulf - Ego Dub (Tribe 12)
Gantz - Free Focus (Commodo Remix)(Deep Medi)
District - ICATU
Karma - Heal (Innamind)
Dubbacle - Bribe Dub (Dub)
Kloudmen - Shifter (Hatched)
Dubbacle - Kunta Kinte Dub (Dub)
Sepia - Lunar (Dub)
Biome - Wolf Pack (Deep Heads)
JSM - Sound:System (Dub)

Confidential. Sound 005: FKOF

Next up we've got a seriously wicked mix from non other than FatKidOnFire (mixed by Korrupt) stacked to the ceiling with dubplates galore. Trust us when we say this one is a stomper from start to finish. Be sure to follow FKOF & Korrupt to stay in the know.




Kahn – Over Deh So (Alphadub’s Steppah Cut) [unreleased]
DTR & Bukkha – Between The Lions [unreleased]
FLO – Gluestep [unreleased]
Akcept & Sound Unknown – Shook [unreleased]
Shabba Ranks – Give Dem (Sub Basics remix) [unreleased]
D-Operation Drop – Never Surrender [unreleased]
Causa – Minerals [unreleased]
Mikael – Lintumies [unreleased]
Self Evident – Hardwired [unreleased]
Oxossi & Samba – Orbitals [unreleased]
Perverse – Elemental [unreleased]
Chokez – Madda [unreleased]
DubDiggerz – 40Hz Burn [unreleased]
Malleus – Saule – Bad Kids [forthcoming Gourmetbeats]
Chad Dubz – Shake Dat Batty [unreleased]                                                                                

Inyoka – Peregrine (Content remix) [unreleased]
Hi5Ghost – Return Flight (Ishan Sounds remix) [unreleased]
Akcept – The Ladder VIP [unreleased]
Chris Innasound – Between The Lines [FKOFd027]
Fill Spectre – General Masta VIP [unreleased]


Thanks to everyone supporting FatKidOnFire. It’s been a pleasure to deliver a mix for the Confidential crew. Respect to everyone who has contributed to this mix!


Confidential. Sound 004: Damru

Uniquely his own, Denver based producer Damru knows no genre boundaries. From dark and minimal techno to weighty dubstep tunes, Damru is an extremely versatile artist. With this mix he brings you 100% all original content that's sure to get your head gears turning and heart thumping. To stay in the know follow him here: SOUNDCLOUD | FACEBOOK


Damru- Holy Ark
Damru & Elias- Longwolf
Damru- Bleep
Damru- Sewer Bell
Damru- Traveling through condensation
Damru- Chat Bank
Elias- Black Jade (Damru edit)
Damru & Elias- Sad Satan
Damru & Elias- Journey through Time
Damru- Ramadan (125 edit)
Damru- Brawn
Damru & MT & Elias- Perpetual woodlot
Damru & Elias- Prolonged state of Readiness

Confidential. Sound Needs Your Support!

It's that time... We're reaching our upload time limit on Soundcloud and we need your help feeding this vicious beast so that we can upgrade our account & continue providing you with fresh mixes & free downloads!  

In order to fund this project, we've put together a special sticker pack for you all (this is also the only way to receive our newest sticker!). $10 will get you a sticker pack, a code for $5 off your next order, & an exclusive tune. Shipping will be free stateside. This package is not currently available internationally, but if you are interested, send us an email and we can work out shipping costs. There will also be a $5 option, where you will just receive the exclusive tune. Visit our online store to purchase. 

Thank you all for your continued support. We've got a lot in store for you this year, including new merchandise, new music, & even more ;) 

Confidential. Sound 003: Glume

Our next installment of Confidential. Sound brings us across the pond to none other than Bristol, UK with a wicked mix from a seriously underrated artist known as, Glume. His way of perfectly blending Grime & Dubstep together creating some serious bassweight will leave you wanting much more after this. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on Glume, he’s going big places! To stay in the know, follow him on Soundcloud.


Kaiju- Justice (Chokez Remix) (Unreleased)
The Greys- Uno
NSUS- Escrow
Glume- Slingshot (FLO Remix) (Unreleased)
Sound Control- Electrocution Dub
Kotei & Hickery- Yoyo
JFO- Murky (Riknor Remix) (Unreleased)
Kahn- Way Mi Defend (Glume Remix)
The Greys- 500 Years (Unreleased)
Gantz- Free Focus (Commodo Remix)
Rapture 4d- Rage’n (Unreleased)
Mura Masa- Lotus Eater (VANDALIZED edit)
Riknor- Apocalypse (Unreleased)
Policy- Fountain
Hefu- Piney Riddim
X27- Easy Dance (Unreleased)
Boofy- Since When (Glume Edit) (Unreleased)
NSUS- Babylon
Rapture 4d- Yumyum 2 Sweet VIP (Unreleased)


Confidential. Presents: Trisicloplox (Free Tune)

As a thanks for reaching 1,000 followers on his Soundcloud, Trisicloplox has given us a free tune to share with you all. Denver based producer & DJ Trisicloplox climbed out of the shadows in 2015 with a heavy hitting release from Villa Goth Recordings, Clear Sinister. This year is already looking promising for him, as he's been given an outlet to showcase his sounds with a Sub.mission residency. To stay in the know, follow Trisicloplox on Facebook & Soundcloud

Download here!

Confidential. Sound 001: Introspekt

At the young age of 17, Alonzo Hunt aka Introspekt is already making waves in the Grime and Dubstep communities. With his unique revival of the classic “Eskibeat” sound, Introspekt has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. Filled with non stop vinyl only bangers as well as dubplates of his own, this mix is a certified dancefloor destroyer. 

To stay in the know, make sure to follow Introspekt here: SOUNDCLOUD | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

Confidential. Collective | For Those Who Know

Over the past two years we’ve been operating under a layer of mystique, & as we move into the new year, we’ve decided to bring you some insight into what to expect out of our collective of musicians, artists, & creatives. Our love for music has always been made known, but which direction would we take with this passion for bassweight? We’re excited to announce a new side to Confidential, concentrating fully on the music, with plans for releases in 2016. We’ll be using this platform to share tunes, mixes, & interviews from some of our favorite artists, some of who you may know, & some who have been hiding in the shadows, just like ourselves. 

Today, we kick things off with a free download from Knowmad, a mysterious producer hailing from Jupiter's moon Lo. He's been making waves over the past year, gaining attention of musical outlets like FatKidOnFire,  Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Connection, and many more. His unique blend of jazz, sampling, and hip hop inspired beats leave an absolutely unparalleled form of space music that transmits messages from far off places. DB47 is a bass tinged stomper, taking the listener on a journey throughout an entire world's worth of influences. With heavy bass and slick rhythms, Knowmad's DB-47 is a tune guaranteed to set a great precedent for later tunes to come.

To stay in the know, make sure to follow Knowmad on SOUNDCLOUD